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Site News: Updates icon Apologies for the down-time
Firstly, I would like to apologise for the lack of updates to RDTF over the past few months. I recently lost my father to cancer and have needed to step away slightly from keeping on top of all-things Tatsuya related.

However, Tatsuya has been a rather busy lad (as usual) and I can update you on a few new projects he has undertaken:

The Incite Mill
Tatsuya's latest starring role, and Horipro's 50th anniversary project 'The Incite Mill' is set to be released in Japanese cinemas on the 16 October 2010. The movie's theme song is set to be titled 'Shinjite Miru' and is sung by female artist May'n.

I have added a newly released trailer in the media section:

The Incite Mill - Trailer

Mokuami Opera
This stage performance is to commemorate famous dramatist, Inoue Hisashi, who passed away in April due to lung cancer. "Mokuami Opera" is a reproduction which Inoue strongly demanded, and he also named Tatsuya to be the lead actor. Tatsuya said, "I want to cherish the role of 'Gorozou' which Inoue sensei gave me." Set during the Edo and Meiji period in the midst of a major upheaval, the characters meet in a small soba shop. This is a story of laughter and excitement. "Mokuami Opera" will run until August 22nd at the Kinokuniya Southern Theater and they will also hold shows in Yamagata and Osaka.

Rokudenashi Takuboku
Director and writer Koki Mitani ("The Uchoten Hotel," "The Magic Hour") is turning 50 in 2011, and to celebrate that fact, he has announced big plans. His project, called the "Mitani Koki Daikanshasai," involves him releasing a total of 7 works across various media over the course of one year. The first play, titled "Rokudenashi Takuboku," will start next January with Tatsuya as the star.

Posted by Pan | 09 Aug 2010 (17:23)
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