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First of all I'd like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who voted in the poll! The results can now be seen (by following that link).

Also, I have just uploaded the next episode of Piece Vote. I'm so sorry it has taken me so long between EP4 and this one, but to begin with I had taken a break from it due to all the drama that was going on with people stealing my subs and uploading them to other sites (mainly and stealing all the credit for themselves.

But I will say the main reason it took so long is because my mother was taken into hospital and real life kinda took over for a few weeks. Having said that, I am now back and hoping to continue the project (maybe working on an episode a week if I have time~?).

One thing I will say though... I am not, nor have ever claimed to be, a fluent Japanese speaker/reader. I have received quite a few nasty comments saying my subs are 'terrible' or that they aren't translated correctly. I only know that I have tried my best with this series (and other translations that I have done) and wherever possible I have translated to make lines and phrases sound correct in English (even if this means that they don't literally translate from the Japanese).

On that note, if anyone would like to help me with subbing projects, please get in touch with me via my email and hopefully we can produce more subbed videos for RDTF!


Also! One more thing... because it has been getting more and more on my nerves recently... RDTF is not officially affiliated with ANY facebook group/page or other blogs on the internet (unless you can see a link to them on the front page of this website) - and never has been! Blogs (and in particular) facebook pages that copy and paste information and images from this site are doing so without my permission. Please do not encourage them - they are stealers~!!

Tatsuya has never owned an official myspace, facebook, blog or twitter page (at least not yet). All of his official information is posted on his official website. Do not be duped by anyone pretending to be Tatsuya on any of these sites... they are pathetic, and only doing it to get your attention.

Posted by Pan | 18 Sep 2011 (22:35)
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